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First Evaluation of Meson and $\tau$ lepton Spectra and Search for Heavy Neutral Leptons at ILC Beam Dump

  title={First Evaluation of Meson and \$\tau\$ lepton Spectra and Search for Heavy Neutral Leptons at ILC Beam Dump},
  author={Mihoko M. Nojiri and Yasuihito Sakaki and Kohsaku Tobioka and Daiki Ueda},
A BSTRACT : A beam dump experiment can be seamlessly added to the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC) program because the high energy electron beam should be dumped after the collision point. The ILC beam dump experiment will provide an excellent opportunity to search for new long-lived particles. Since many of them can be produced by a rare decay of standard model particles, we evaluate spectra of the mesons and τ lepton at the decay based on the PHITS and PYTHIA8 simulations. As a… 
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