First Early Cambrian Radiolaria

  title={First Early Cambrian Radiolaria},
  author={A. Braun and J. Chen and D. Waloszek and A. Maas},
  • A. Braun, J. Chen, +1 author A. Maas
  • Published 2007
  • Geology
  • Abstract Radiolarian skeletons are known from a limestone concretion collected from a black shale succession and from black cherts of the Yangtze Platform, China. Both occurrences are of earliest Cambrian age. The findings, reported in this paper, represent the oldest known fossil Radiolaria. Their spherical skeletons display a morphology typical of spherical radiolarians from Ordovician and younger faunas. This occurrence of radiolarians with radial symmetry and, most probably, a planktonic… CONTINUE READING
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