First Axion Results from the XENON100 Experiment

  title={First Axion Results from the XENON100 Experiment},
  author={The XENON100 Collaboration E. Aprile and F. Agostini and M. Alfonsi and K. Arisaka and F. Arneodo and M. Auger and C. Bălan and P. Barrow and L. Baudis and B. Bauermeister and A. Behrens and P. Beltrame and K. Bokeloh and A. Brown and E. Brown and S. Br{\"u}nner and G. Bruno and R. Budnik and J. Cardoso and A. P. Colijn and H. Contreras and J. Cussonneau and M. Decowski and E. Duchovni and S. Fattori and A. Ferella and W. Fulgione and F. Gao and M. Garbini and C. Geis and L. Goetzke and C. Grignon and E. Gross and W. Hampel and R. Itay and F. Kaether and G. Kessler and A. Kish and H. Landsman and R. F. Lang and M. Calloch and D. Lellouch and C. Levy and S. Lindemann and M. Lindner and J. Lopes and K. Lung and A. Lyashenko and S. Macmullin and T. M. Undagoitia and J. Masbou and F. V. Massoli and D. Paras and A. Fernandez and Y. Meng and M. Messina and B. Miguez and A. Molinario and M. Murra and J. Naganoma and U. Oberlack and S. Orrigo and E. Pantic and R. Persiani and F. Piastra and J. Pienaar and G. Plante and N. Priel and S. Reichard and C. Reuter and A. Rizzo and S. Rosendahl and J. Santos and G. Sartorelli and S. Schindler and J. Schreiner and M. Schumann and L. Lavina and M. Selvi and P. Shagin and H. Simgen and A. Teymourian and D. Thers and A. Tiseni and G. Trinchero and O. Vitells and H. Wang and M. Weber and C. Weinheimer},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • The XENON100 Collaboration E. Aprile, F. Agostini, +86 authors C. Weinheimer
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
  • We present the first results of searches for axions and axionlike particles with the XENON100 experiment. The axion-electron coupling constant, g Ae , has been probed by exploiting the axioelectric effect in liquid xenon. A profile likelihood analysis of 224.6 live days × 34-kg exposure has shown no evidence for a signal. By rejecting g Ae larger than 7.7×10 −12 (90% C.L.) in the solar axion search, we set the best limit to date on this coupling. In the frame of the DFSZ and KSVZ models, we… CONTINUE READING

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