Firm dynamics and employee performance management in duopoly markets

  title={Firm dynamics and employee performance management in duopoly markets},
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Effect of Employee Characteristics and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance Mediated By Motivation
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    Quantitative Economics and Management Studies
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Human resources are important factors that need to be considered by companies, with superior human resources, the company has the potential to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently. Besides
The Influence of Work Environment, Motivation, and Organizational Culture on Job Satisfaction and Its Impact on Information and Communication Technology Security Service Performance
This study aimed to determine the effect of work environment, motivation, and organizational culture on job satisfaction and its impact on the performance of information and communication technology
Coupled Fixed Points for Hardy-Rogers Type of Maps and Their Applications in the Investigations of Market Equilibrium in Duopoly Markets for Non-Differentiable, Nonlinear Response Functions
In this paper we generalize Hardy–Rogers maps in the context of coupled fixed points. We comment on the symmetry of some of the coefficients involved in the Hardy–Rogers condition, and thus, we


Promotions and the Peter Principle*
The best worker is not always the best candidate for manager. In these cases, do firms promote the best potential manager or the best worker in their current job? Using microdata on the performance
CEO Behavior and Firm Performance
A new method to measure CEO behavior in large samples via a survey that collects high-frequency, high-dimensional diary data and a machine learning algorithm that estimates behavioral types reveals two types: “leaders,” who do multifunction,High-level meetings, and “managers,’ who do individual meetings with core functions.
Specification and estimation of Cobb-Douglas production function models
In this paper we consider the specification and estimation of the Cobb-Douglas production function model. After reviewing the "traditional" specifying assumptions for the model which are based on
Differentiated Duopoly with Asymmetric Costs
In this paper, we compare Bertrand and Cournot equilibria in a differentiated duopoly with linear demand and cost functions. We extend the Singh and Vives (1984) model by allowing for a wider range
Employee involvement and organizational effectiveness
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the extent to which employee involvement influences organizational effectiveness and to examine the extent to which employee involvement influences
The Social Dynamics of the Peter Principle
In this paper the author presents a critique of the recent computational studies looking at efficient promotion strategies in hierarchical organisations [1, 2], and presents his own study, more
Employee motivation and work performance: A comparative study of mining companies in Ghana
Purpose : The paper empirically compares employee motivation and its impact on performance in Ghanaian Mining Companies, where in measuring performance, the job satisfaction model is used.