Firearms and warfare on the Gold and Slave Coasts from the sixteenth to the ninteenth centuries

  title={Firearms and warfare on the Gold and Slave Coasts from the sixteenth to the ninteenth centuries},
  author={Ray A. Kea},
  journal={The Journal of African History},
  pages={185 - 213}
  • R. Kea
  • Published 1 April 1971
  • History
  • The Journal of African History
According to Egharevba, firearms arrived in the Benin Kingdom in the latter part of the fifteenth century, and they were first employed in Benin campaigns during the reign of Oba Esigie. Another writer states that ‘the Ekiti had encountered firearms as early as the sixteenth century, when Benin soldiers, armed with guns, supported the Ikerre in a war against the Ado’. The view that Benin military prowess in the sixteenth century derived from a monopoly in the use of firearms is current in… 

The Import of Firearms into West Africa 1750–1807: a quantitative analysis

  • J. Inikori
  • History, Economics
    The Journal of African History
  • 1977
A series of articles on firearms in Africa published in the Journal of African History in 1971 raised a number of questions which have not been given adequate attention since those articles appeared.

Dahomey and the Slave Trade: Reflections on the Historiography of the Rise of Dahomey

  • R. Law
  • History
    The Journal of African History
  • 1986
The rise of the kingdom of Dahomey coincided with the growth of the slave trade in the area, and consequently has often served as a case study of the impact of the slave trade upon African societies.

‘Here is No Resisting the Country’. The Realities of Power in Afro-European Relations on the West African ‘Slave Coast’

  • R. Law
  • History, Political Science
  • 1994
Perceptions of the earliest stages of interaction between European nations and the indigenous peoples of Africa, from the beginnings of European maritime expansion in the fifteenth century to the

Warfare in Atlantic Africa, 1500-1800

Warfare in Atlantic Africa, 1500-1800 investigates the impact of warfare on the history of Africa in the period of the slave trade and the founding of empires. It includes the discussion of: : * the

Revisiting modes of enslavement: the role of raiding, kidnapping and wars in the European slave trade

ABSTRACT The works of John Thornton, Herbert Klein, James Walvis, John Reader, John Fage and others have given the slave trade new different interpretations, provocatively arguing, among other

Jean Barbot as a Source for the Slave Coast of West Africa

  • R. Law
  • History
    History in Africa
  • 1982
The author, who collects from others, is far from being exact. John Barbot's Description of the Coasts of North and South Guinea, published in 1732 (and cited hereafter as 1732) is a text well known

A Microcosm of Why Africans sold Slaves: Akan Consumption Patterns in the 1770s.

  • G. Metcalf
  • History
    The Journal of African History
  • 1987
The European goods which Africans consumed in the slave trade era tell us much about the African societies which imported them. However the study of the subject has involved much confusion through

‘Art’ of War: Analysis of Weapons of the 19th Century Yoruba Civil Wars

Title:  ‘Art’ of War: Analysis of Weapons of the 19th Century Yoruba Civil Wars Titulo:  El ‘arte’ de la guerra: un analisis del armamento de las guerras civiles yoruba del siglo XIX [EN]  Abstract:

Warfare in African History

1. The contours of violence: environment, economy, and polity in African warfare 2. Arms in Africa's antiquity: patterns and systems of warfare, to the early second millennium CE 3. The military

The Evolution of Insurgent Leadership in Africa

Most African insurgencies from the 1960s through the 1980s featured strong leaders who articulated broad programs of political and social change. Mozambique’s Eduardo Mondlane, Guinea-Bissau’s



The Benin Missions

i T was primarily in quest of slaves to meet the demands of the barter trade on the Gold Coast that the Portuguese in 1485 first penetrated the coastal swamp belt and made contact with the kingdom of

Firearms in Africa: an introduction

  • G. White
  • History
    The Journal of African History
  • 1971
Studies of firearms in Africa undertaken at the University of London, 1967–1970, tentatively suggest that their initial impact was less than had been expected, and that their success in war rapidly

Kingdoms of the Yoruba

This third edition of what has been described as "this minor classic" has been extensively revised to take account of advances in Nigerian historiography. The twenty million Yorubas are one of the

The Fanti Asafu

Among the Akan peoples of the Gold Coast the warrior organization is known as Asafu. This is found in almost every town or village in the Gold Coast in a more or less developed state, but nowhere has

Ashanti Law And Constitution

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