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Firearm deaths in Sweden: epidemiology with emphasis on accidental deaths and prevention

  title={Firearm deaths in Sweden: epidemiology with emphasis on accidental deaths and prevention},
  author={Mensura Junuzovic},
Prevention of firearm deaths and injuries is an important public health issue that may save human lives. The aim of this thesis was to investigate the epidemiology and attributes of accidental fire ... 


Injury mortality in Sweden; changes over time and the effect of age and injury mechanism
A large number of injuries occur in different parts of the world and different types of injuries dominate in different areas, which also have separate influences mortality.
Hunting firearm injuries, North Carolina.
Almost one-third of unintentional shooting deaths are hunting-related, and young hunters appear to be at greatest risk of injury, and safety instruction and wearing highly visible clothing are encouraged.
Mixed Impact of Firearms Restrictions on Fatal Firearm Injuries in Males: A National Observational Study
A 1990 regulation, requiring a police permit before acquiring a shotgun, had a beneficial impact on suicide in the total sample and in those aged 15–34 years, and the findings suggest that two laws could have contributed to reduce male firearm mortality.
The 2003 National Injury Mortality Surveillance System : violent deaths in SA
Alcohol was confirmed as an important risk factor for murder, with the highest percentage of alcohol positive cases being recorded in Cape Town, and firearms were a key contributor to the high homicide rates.
Fatal Firearm Injuries in Finland: A Nationwide Survey
  • I. Mäkitie, H. Pihlajamäki
  • Medicine
    Scandinavian journal of surgery : SJS : official organ for the Finnish Surgical Society and the Scandinavian Surgical Society
  • 2002
The results of the study reported indicate that efforts to prevent fatal injuries from use of firearms or diminish their number should be focused mainly on prevention of firearm related assault.
The costs of a bullet--inpatient costs of firearm injuries in South Africa.
A previous study examined the cost of treating serious abdominal gunshot wounds in a district hospital and showed that each bullet cost taxpayers the equivalent of US$1 467.
Firearm-related fatalities: an epidemiologic assessment of violent death.
A significant period decline in the firearm fatality rate was observed and was attributed mainly to decreases in the non-White rate, which fell below the rate for Whites for the first time in the years investigated.
Fatal firearm accidents in Sweden.