Fire control systems in forest reserves: An assessment of three forest districts in the Northern region, Ghana

  title={Fire control systems in forest reserves: An assessment of three forest districts in the Northern region, Ghana},
  author={Rikiatu Husseini and Daniel T. Aboah and Hamza Issifu},

Analysis of the Social-Ecological Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Ghana: Application of the DPSIR Framework

Globally, forests provide several functions and services to support humans’ well-being and the mitigation of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The services that forests provide enable the forest-dependent

Exploring key drivers of forest fires in the Mole National Park of Ghana using geospatial tools

Ghana’s forest and wildlife reserves are depleting at an alarming rate and hence, the Mole National Park which is considered the oldest and largest wildlife protected area in Ghana is no exception.

Overview of Researches on Bush Fires for Natural Resources and Environmental Management in Ghana: A Review

Research in the world, and more specifically in Africa, on various subjects requires knowledge of previous work from several angles in order to orientate possible research. Thus, the literature

Modeling wildfire drivers in Chinese tropical forest ecosystems using global logistic regression and geographically weighted logistic regression

The tropics is an area with high incidence of wildfire all over the world in recent years, and the forest ecosystem in the tropics is extremely fragile. Thus, it is very important to identify drivers


This study aimed to determine the construction of cross-border smoke haze (Transboundary Haze Pollution) on and news portal. This study used qualitative method with

Forestry insurance preference among tree growers in the Ashanti Region of Ghana: a tobit and multi-nomial regression approach

PurposeThe study analyses the preference for forestry insurance amongst tree growers in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Specifically, the authors examine the factors influencing the amount of forestry

Wireless Sensor Networks using image processing for fire detection

  • Zaighum AteeqMohammad Momani
  • Computer Science, Environmental Science
    2020 5th International Conference on Innovative Technologies in Intelligent Systems and Industrial Applications (CITISIA)
  • 2020
The taxonomy used in this research work that defines each of the necessary components used to implement a fire detection using WSN is proposed and it is proposed that the component of the proposed taxonomy is used for the validation criteria.



Assessing land use and land cover change in the Wassa West District of Ghana using remote sensing

Vast tracts of forests are lost globally every year especially in the developing countries of the tropics due to various human activities such as lumbering, farming, bush fires, surface mining and

A Review of the Main Driving Factors of Forest Fire Ignition Over Europe

This study analyses the factors driving forest fire ignition in the Mediterranean region including the most common human and environmental factors used for modelling in the European context including the Wildland-Urban Interface and the distance to transport networks.

Restoring composition and structure in Southwestern frequent-fire forests: A science-based framework for improving ecosystem resiliency

Ponderosa pine and dry mixed-conifer forests in the Southwest United States are experiencing, or have become increasingly susceptible to, large-scale severe wildfire, insect, and disease episodes

The Influence of Fuel, Weather and Fire Shape Variables on Fire-Spread in Grasslands

Fire-spread was measured on 121 grass fires in a 2500 ha experimental site in the Northern Territory, Australia. Selected plots were harvested to alter the height, load and bulk density of the

The Analysis of Count Data: A Gentle Introduction to Poisson Regression and Its Alternatives

Two variants of Poisson regression, overdispersedPoisson regression and negative binomial regression, are introduced that may provide more optimal results when a key assumption of standard Poisson regressors is violated.

Business Statistics: Contemporary Decision Making

The concepts of statistics are presented in the setting of business decision making through the use of many real world examples, real business data and applications.

Importance of Fire in Forest Formation under Various Zonal-Geographic Conditions of the Far East

When estimating the influence of fire on boreal forests, it must be taken into account that here fire, after climate, soil, and relief, is the most important natural exogenous factor, determining in

An assessment of forest resources policy and management in Ghana

  • 2009

Overview: Gender and Natural Resources Management

  • 2009

Natural forest reserves in Northern region of Ghana: description and management status

  • Res. Gate
  • 2015