Fire Walking and the Persistence of Charlatans

  title={Fire Walking and the Persistence of Charlatans},
  author={L. Pankratz},
  journal={Perspectives in Biology and Medicine},
  pages={291 - 298}
  • L. Pankratz
  • Published 1988
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
For centuries fire walking was a part of religious ceremonies and tribal rites. Such events were usually preceded by weeks of personal preparation such as fasting, devotion, or celibacy, and they were accompanied by beating drums, chanting, ecstasy, or frenzy. Americans now have the opportunity to participate in fire walking by paying to attend a "psychology workshop." Only a few hours of preparation are necessary; chanting and frenzy are still available. Those who play with fire, however, can… 
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