• Computer Science
  • Published in Description Logics 2005

Fire - Extending Racer by an Engine for SWRL Rules

  title={Fire - Extending Racer by an Engine for SWRL Rules},
  author={Kruthi Bhoopalam and Volker Haarslev},
  booktitle={Description Logics},
In this paper we propose the Fire system, a prototype rule engine for reasoning with SWRL (Semantic Web Rules Language) [5] rules and OWL (Ontology Web Language) ontologies. This system is intended as an extension to the reasoning services of the RACER system [3]. For ease of implementation, support is currently provided for SWRL rules that are restricted as follows: (i) Rules must be atomic (single atom in the rule consequent); (ii) Rules must have tree-shaped antecedents; (iii) Rules must be… CONTINUE READING