Finite-time ruin probability for correlated Brownian motions

  title={Finite-time ruin probability for correlated Brownian motions},
  author={Krzysztof Dȩbicki and Enkelejd Hashorva and Konrad Krystecki},
  journal={Scandinavian Actuarial Journal},
  pages={890 - 915}
Let be a two-dimensional Gaussian process with standard Brownian motion marginals and constant correlation . Define the joint survival probability of both supremum functionals by where and u, v are given positive constants. Approximation of is of interest for the analysis of ruin probability in bivariate Brownian risk model, as well as in the study of the power of bivariate test statistics. In this contribution, we derive tight bounds for in the case and obtain precise approximations for all by… 

Two-dimensional Brownian risk model for cumulative Parisian ruin probability

Let (W1(s),W2(t)), s, t ≥ 0 be a bivariate Brownian motion with standard Brownian motion marginals and constant correlation ρ ∈ (−1, 1). In this contribution we derive precise approximations for

Uniform bounds for ruin probability in multidimensional risk model

  • N. Kriukov
  • Mathematics
    Statistics & Probability Letters
  • 2022

Running supremum of Brownian motion in dimension 2: exact and asymptotic results

This paper investigates πT (a1, a2) = P ( sup t∈[0,T ] (σ1B(t)− c1t) > a1, sup t∈[0,T ] (σ2B(t)− c2t) > a2 ) , where {B(t) : t ≥ 0} is a standard Brownian motion, with T > 0, σ1, σ2 > 0, c1, c2 ∈ R.

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We derive the exact asymptotics of \[ P\left( \sup_{t\ge 0} \Bigl( X_1(t) - \mu_1 t\Bigr)> u, \ \sup_{s\ge 0} \Bigl( X_2(s) - \mu_2 s\Bigr)> u \right), \ \ u\to\infty, \] where

Extrema of multi-dimensional Gaussian processes over random intervals

The structure of the asymptotics of P(u) is determined by the signs of the drifts $c_i$'s, a relevant multi-dimensional regenerative model and the corresponding ruin probability are derived.

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