Finite size and boundary effects in critical two-dimensional free-fermion models

  title={Finite size and boundary effects in critical two-dimensional free-fermion models},
  author={Nikolay Sh. Izmailian},
  journal={The European Physical Journal B},
  • N. Izmailian
  • Published 28 August 2017
  • Physics
  • The European Physical Journal B
Abstract Here we will consider the finite-size scaling, finite-size corrections and boundary effects for the critical two-dimensional free-fermion models. A short review of significant achievements and possibilities is given. However, this review is still far from completeness. We derive the exact finite-size corrections for the set of free models of statistical mechanics, including Ising model, dimer model, resistor network and spanning tree model under different boundary conditions. We have… 
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Finite-size correction to the scaling of free energy in the dimer model on a hexagonal domain
We consider dimer model on a hexagonal lattice. This model can be seen as a "pile of cubes in the box". The energy of configuration is given by the volume of the pile and the partition function is
Investigation of Finite-Size 2D Ising Model with a Noisy Matrix of Spin-Spin Interactions
Analysis of changes in the thermodynamic properties of a spin system when it passes from the classical two-dimensional Ising model to the spin glass model, where spin-spin interactions are random in their values and signs shows that when the variance of the noise reaches one, there is a jump of the ground state from the fully correlated state to an uncorrelated state.
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The partition function of the dimer model on a 2M×2N checkerboard B lattice wrapped on a torus is analyzed and very unusual behavior of the partition function zeros and the specific heat of the Dimer model is found.


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The relation to the finite-size correction calculations for the dimer statistics is discussed and interesting aspect-ratio dependence of the value of the Binder parameter at T = T(c) for various boundary conditions is found.
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The exact asymptotic expansions of the logarithm of the partition function for each case of the spanning tree under free-boundary conditions are derived.
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We show that for conformally invariant two-dimensional systems, the amplitude of the finite-size corrections to the free energy of an infinitely long strip of width L at criticality is linearly
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We analyze the scaling and finite-size-scaling behavior of the two-dimensional 4-state Potts model. We find new multiplicative logarithmic corrections for the susceptibility, in addition to the
Exact finite-size corrections for the square-lattice Ising model with Brascamp-Kunz boundary conditions.
Finite-size scaling, finite-size corrections, and boundary effects for critical systems have attracted much attention in recent years. Here we derive exact finite-size corrections for the free energy