Finite polynomial cohomology for general varieties

  title={Finite polynomial cohomology for general varieties},
  author={A. Besser and D. Loeffler and S. Zerbes},
  journal={Annales math{\'e}matiques du Qu{\'e}bec},
  • A. Besser, D. Loeffler, S. Zerbes
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics
  • Annales mathématiques du Québec
  • Nekovář and Nizioł (Syntomic cohomology and p-adic regulators for varieties over p-adic fields, 2013) have introduced in a version of syntomic cohomology valid for arbitrary varieties over p-adic fields. This uses a mapping cone construction similar to the rigid syntomic cohomology of (Besser, Israel J Math 120(1):291–334, 2000) in the good-reduction case, but with Hyodo–Kato (log-crystalline) cohomology in place of rigid cohomology. In this short note, we describe a cohomology theory which is… CONTINUE READING
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