Finite elements analysis suggests a defensive role for osteoderms in titanosaur dinosaurs (Sauropoda)

  title={Finite elements analysis suggests a defensive role for osteoderms in titanosaur dinosaurs (Sauropoda)},
  author={Julian C. G. Silva Junior and Felipe Chinaglia Montefeltro and Thiago da Silva Marinho and Agustín G. Martinelli and Max Cardoso Langer},
  journal={Cretaceous Research},



Sedimentology of a distributive fluvial system: The Serra da Galga Formation, a new lithostratigraphic unit (Upper Cretaceous, Bauru Basin, Brazil)

The Bauru Basin of SE Brazil is a large (ca. 370,000 km2) Upper Cretaceous intracratonic feature, important for its fossil remains and of particular value as a source of regional palaeoclimatic

A unique predator in a unique ecosystem: modelling the apex predator within a Late Cretaceous crocodyliform‐dominated fauna from Brazil

The unique selective pressures in the arid to semi‐arid Late Cretaceous ecosystems of southeast Brazil possibly drove the emergence and evolution of the biomechanical features seen in baurusuchids, which are distinct from those previously reported for other predatory taxa.

Taphonomic observations on eastern Australian Cretaceous sauropods

  • R. Molnar
  • Environmental Science, Geography
  • 2010
Cretaceous (Albian–Cenomanian) sauropod body fossils are known from the Eromanga Basin of central Queensland and Surat Basin of northern New South Wales/southeastern Queensland. Most bones are


Abstract We describe fragmentary new postcranial remains of a sauropod from “Continental Intercalaire” rocks of the Tilemsi Valley in northeastern Mali. Addition of this taxon to recently published

Titanosaurid (Sauropoda) osteoderms from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar

ABSTRACT In 1896 Charles Deperet described a fauna of dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous (?Campanian) Maevarano Formation from the Mahajanga Basin of northwest Madagascar. Among the dinosaurs was a

Considerations on the bony plates assigned to titanosaurs (Dinosauria, Sauropoda)

Abstract. Several bony plates referred to titanosaurs are reviewed. Two groups of plates, exhumated from two different localities, LagoPellegrini-Cinco Saltos and Salitral Moreno, in the province of

The function(s) of bone ornamentation in the crocodylomorph osteoderms: a biomechanical model based on a finite element analysis

Abstract. This paper aims at assessing the influence of the bone ornamentation and, specifically, the associated loss of bone mass on the mechanical response of the crocodylomorph osteoderms. To this