Finite-element modelling of femoral shaft fracture fixation techniques post total hip arthroplasty.


The presence of a femoral prosthesis superior to a shaft fracture severely complicates fixation and treatment. This study uses two-dimensional, multithickness, plane stress finite-element models of a femur with prosthesis to investigate the stresses developed with the application of three popular fixation techniques: revision to a long stem prosthesis, lateral plating with a cortical bone allograft strut and cerclage wires, and custom plate application with proximal Parham band fixation with distal cortical screws (Ogden plate). The plate and bone contact as well as the fracture site contact were modelled by using orthotropic elements with custom-fit moduli so that only the normal stress to the interface was significant. A thermal analogy was used to model the cerclage and Parham band preloads so that representative preloads in the proximal fixation of the two types of plate treatments could be modelled. A parametric study was performed with the long-prosthesis model to show variations in stem lengths of one, two and three femoral diameters distal to the fracture site. The Ogden plate model showed a transfer of tensile stress near the proximal-most band, with the highest tensile stress being at the fracture site with evidence of stress shielding of the proximal lateral cortex. The cortical bone strut model showed a transfer of tensile stress to the bone strut but showed less shielding of the proximal cortex. The cerclage wires at the base of the bone strut showed the highest changes in load with the distalmost wire increasing to almost four times its original preload.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


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