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Finite-dimensionality in the non-commutative Choquet boundary: peaking phenomena and $\mathrm{C}^*$-liminality.

  title={Finite-dimensionality in the non-commutative Choquet boundary: peaking phenomena and \$\mathrm\{C\}^*\$-liminality.},
  author={Raphael Clouatre and Ian Thompson},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
We explore the finite-dimensional part of the non-commutative Choquet boundary of an operator algebra. In other words, we seek finite-dimensional boundary representations. Such representations may fail to exist even when the underlying operator algebra is finite-dimensional. Nevertheless, we exhibit mechanisms that detect when a given finite-dimensional representation lies in the Choquet boundary. Broadly speaking, our approach is topological and requires identifying isolated points in the… 



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