Finite-amplitude waves in a homogeneous fluid with a floating elastic plate

  title={Finite-amplitude waves in a homogeneous fluid with a floating elastic plate},
  author={A. E. Bukatov and A. A. Bukatov},
  journal={Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics},
Equations for three nonlinear approximations of a wave perturbation in a homogeneous ideal incompressible fluid covered by a thin elastic plate are obtained using the method of multiple scales and taking into account that the acceleration of vertical flexural displacements of the plate is nonlinear. Based on the obtained equations, asymptotic expansions up third-order terms are constructed for the fluid velocity potential and the perturbations of the plate-fluid interface (plate bending) caused… Expand
Nonlinear elastic plate fluctuations on a fluid surface
  • A. E. Bukatov, A. A. Bukatov
  • Physics
  • 2015 International Conference "Stability and Control Processes" in Memory of V.I. Zubov (SCP)
  • 2015


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