Finite Model Property and Bisimulation for LFD

  title={Finite Model Property and Bisimulation for LFD},
  author={Raoul Koudijs},
Recently, Baltag & van Benthem introduced a decidable logic of functional dependence (LFD) that extends the logic of Cylindrical Relativized Set Algebras (CRS) with atomic local dependence statements. Its semantics can be given in terms of generalised assignment models or their modal counterparts, hence the logic is both a first-order and a modal logic. We show that LFD has the finite model property (FMP) using Herwig’s theorem on extending partial isomorphisms, and prove a bisimulation… 

Local Dependence and Guarding

This work provides a new compositional translation from GF into LFD, and conversely, translates LFD into GF in an ‘almost compositional’ manner, which transfers known results about GF to LFD in a uniform manner, yielding tight complexity bounds for LFD satisfiability.



A Simple Logic of Functional Dependence

This paper presents a simple decidable logic of functional dependence LFD, based on an extension of classical propositional logic with dependence atoms plus dependence quantifiers treated as

On the Restraining Power of Guards

  • E. Grädel
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Journal of Symbolic Logic
  • 1999
It is proved that the satisfiability problems for the guarded fragment and the loosely guarded fragment of first-order logic are complete for deterministic double exponential time and that some natural, modest extensions of the guarded fragments are undecidable.

Logics of Dependence and Independence: The Local Variants

Decidability issues of the local logics are studied, and it is proved that satisfiability of LFD with equality is undecidable, and the idea of localising logics of dependence and independence in a systematic way, taking into account local variants of standard atomic dependency properties.

Extending partial isomorphisms for the small index property of many ω-categorical structures

Theorem:Let A be a finite Km-free graph, p1, …, pnpartial isomorphisms on A. Then there exists a finite extension B, which is also a Km-free graph, and automorphisms fiof B extending the pi.A paper

Modal Languages and Bounded Fragments of Predicate Logic

Les nouvelles directions que peuvent prendre les theoremes de Tarski dans un environnement mathematique are indique celle des contraintes structurelles speciales, des extensions infinies, de the logique modale etendue and d'une semantique dynamique.

Learning What Others Know

A number of powerful dynamic-epistemic logics for multi-agent information sharing and acts of publicly or privately accessing other agents’ information databases are proposed and completely axiomatize several such logics and prove their decidability.

Book Reviews

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