Finite Failure is And-Compositional

  title={Finite Failure is And-Compositional},
  author={Roberta Gori and Giorgio Levi},
  booktitle={J. Log. Comput.},
  • R. Gori, G. Levi
  • Published in J. Log. Comput. 1 December 1997
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
A Fixpoint Semantics for Reasoning about Finite Failure
A new fixpoint operator is derived from a "suitable" concrete semaoitics by defining a Galois insertion modeling finite failure which correctly models finite failure and is and-compositional.
Nontermination inference of logic programs
When termination and nontermination analysis produce complementary results for a logic procedure, then with respect to the leftmost selection rule and the language used to describe sets of atomic queries, each analysis is optimal and together they induce a characterization of the operational behavior of the logic procedure.
Detecting Optimal Termination Conditions of Logic Programs
This framework relies on an extension of the Lifting Theorem, where some specific argument positions can be instantiated while others are generalized, and is tailored to attempt proofs of optimality of left termination conditions computed by a termination inference tool.
A Generalization of the Lifting Lemma for Logic Programming
This paper generalizes a version of the lifting lemma, and proposes two syntactic conditions of increasing power for identifying neutral arguments from mere inspection of the text of a logic program.
On the verification of finite failure