Finite Element Analysis of ZL50 Loader Stamp-Welding Axle Housing


The axle housing is one of the loader parts that covers the axle shaft, including the main drive and the differential gears. It can undergo many stresses caused by turning, skidding, bending and wobbling of the wheels. Therefore, the axle housing should have enough strength and stiffness. The conventional casting process axle housing existence some disadvantage such as too heavy, wastes material and energy. In order to reduce the cost, the new type of stamp-welding axle housing has developed. This paper makes a finite element analysis on the stamp-welding axle housing of ZL50 loader by using the finite element software ANSYS, carries on 3 kind of typical working conditions analysis computations to the axle housing, and obtains the strain and stress distribution. The results indicated the structure of axle housing can satisfy various working conditions and this can also provide valuable reference for its optimization designing.

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