Finishing of dairy steers having grazed seminatural grasslands.

  title={Finishing of dairy steers having grazed seminatural grasslands.},
  author={Anna Hessle and Elisabet Nadeau and S{\"o}lve Johnsson and Jean-Louis Durand and Jean Claude Emile and Christian Huyghe and Gilles Lemaire},
Abstract The objective of this study was to determine the effects of initial live weight, level of grain feeding, and length of finishing period on weight gain and carcass traits of dairy steers that had grazed semi-natural grasslands. Steers were subdivided by initial live weight (low vs. high) and were fed two levels of grain (0.5% vs . 1.0% of live weight day − 1 ) during three different lengths of finishing period (3, 5 vs. 8 months). In total, 192 steers, initially 18 to 21 months of age… CONTINUE READING