Fingerprint Recognition Using Gabor Filter And Frequency Domain Filtering

  title={Fingerprint Recognition Using Gabor Filter And Frequency Domain Filtering},
  author={K. Gopi},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering},
  • K. Gopi
  • Published 2012
  • Computer Science
  • IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Fingerprint recognition is one of the most popular methods used for identification with greater degree of success. The fingerprint has unique characteristics called minutiae, which are points where a curve track finishes, intersect or branches off. In this work a novel method for Fingerprint recognition is considered using a combination of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Gabor Filters to enhancement the image. The proposed method involves combination of Gabor filter and Frequency domain… Expand
Fingerprint recognition is being widely applied in the personal identification for the purpose of high degree of security by matching processes between two human fingerprints. Many differentExpand
Fingerprint Recognition and feature extraction using transform domain techniques
  • Kavita Tewari, Renu L. Kalakoti
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  • 2014 International Conference on Advances in Communication and Computing Technologies (ICACACT 2014)
  • 2014
Comparison of all the four transform is presented here and it is observed that DCT and DFT gives better result as compared to DWT and Gabor filter. Expand
Comparison between Minutiae Based and Pattern Based Algorithm of Fingerprint Image
The new algorithm used pattern based method which covers the whole area of fingerprint image which includes both local and global features of fingerprint picture and Euclidean distance is calculated between two feature maps to determine whether the two fingerprint images are same or not. Expand
Fingerprint Image Enhancement based on Threshold Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform (FDCT) and Gabor Filters
New efficient fingerprint image enhancement algorithm works by performing threshold on Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform (FDCT) domain and applying Gabor Filters, which reduces the fingerprint image noise by using threshold fast discrete curvelet transform, then apply Gabor filters to enhance and increase the clarity of the image. Expand
An Accurate and Fast Automatic Fingerprints Verification Technique
This paper presents a proposed automatic fingerprint verification technique. The proposed technique consists of two phases; a training phase and a testing phase. In the training phase, firstly, imageExpand
Computer Aided Technique for Finger Print Image Enhancement and Minutiae Extraction
This paper presents the feature extraction of fingerprint image processing stages such as image Preprocessing, Converting the image in to gray scale, Image Enhancement can be performed with the help of Discrete Fourier transformation, image Binarization, image segmentation, image thinning, Minutiae Extraction after Minutia Extraction again segmentation technique is used. Expand
A Comparative Study of Fingerprint Enhancement Algorithms
The work performed on the database of fingerprint image acquired with a sensor is shown and the qualities of the reconstructed image are compared using Mean Square Error, Signal Pick to Noise Ratio…etc. Expand
Feature level fusion of face and fingerprint modalities using Gabor filter bank
Experimental results showcase the advantages of feature level fusion over a uni-modal framework and the system achieves recognition accuracy up to 99.25%. Expand
A n Accurate and Fast Automatic Fingerprints Verificat ion Technique
The simulation results achieved up to 98 % verification rate and proved that the proposed technique can be used in a reliable way for automatic fingerprint verification in the presence of image blurring or rotation. Expand
Detection of Regularities in the Parameters of the Ateb­gabor Method for Biometric Image Filtration
The results of numerous experiments demonstrate a successful selection of edges in an image based on the parameters of the Ateb-Gabor filter, which is applicable to biometric images where the creation of clear contours is particularly relevant. Expand


Fingerprint image processing using neural networks
  • Ming-Tak Leung, W. Engeler, P. Frank
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  • IEEE TENCON'90: 1990 IEEE Region 10 Conference on Computer and Communication Systems. Conference Proceedings
  • 1990
The usefulness of Gabor filters in textural image processing and neural networks in image feature extraction is demonstrated and the importance of having good representations of image data to neural networks is illustrated through variations in performance of different trained networks. Expand
A Fingerprint Verification System Based on Triangular Matching and Dynamic Time Warping
An effective fingerprint verification system is presented. It assumes that an existing reference fingerprint image must validate the identity of a person by means of a test fingerprint image acquiredExpand
Direct Gray-Scale Minutiae Detection In Fingerprints
This work proposes an original technique, based on ridge line following, where the minutiae are extracted directly from gray scale images, and results achieved are compared with those obtained through some methods based on image binarization. Expand
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