FingerCode: A Filterbank for Fingerprint Representation and Matching

  title={FingerCode: A Filterbank for Fingerprint Representation and Matching},
  author={Anil K. Jain and Salil Prabhakar and Lin Hong and Sharath Pankanti},
With the ident i ty fraud in o u r society reaching u n precedented proportions and wi th a n increasing emphas i s o n the emerging automat ic posit ive personal ident i f ication applications, biometrics-based identif ication, especially fingerprint-based identif ication, i s receiving a lot of a t ten t ion . There are t w o m a j o r shortcomings of t he traditional approaches t o f ingerpr in t representa t ion . For a significant f rac t ion of population, the . representations based o n… CONTINUE READING
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