Finger Vein Recognition Using Local Line Binary Pattern


In this paper, a personal verification method using finger vein is presented. Finger vein can be considered more secured compared to other hands based biometric traits such as fingerprint and palm print because the features are inside the human body. In the proposed method, a new texture descriptor called local line binary pattern (LLBP) is utilized as feature extraction technique. The neighbourhood shape in LLBP is a straight line, unlike in local binary pattern (LBP) which is a square shape. Experimental results show that the proposed method using LLBP has better performance than the previous methods using LBP and local derivative pattern (LDP).

DOI: 10.3390/s111211357

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@inproceedings{Rosdi2011FingerVR, title={Finger Vein Recognition Using Local Line Binary Pattern}, author={Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi and Wuh Shing Chai and Shahrel Azmin Suandi}, booktitle={Sensors}, year={2011} }