Fine-tuning of macrophage activation using synthetic rocaglate derivatives.

  title={Fine-tuning of macrophage activation using synthetic rocaglate derivatives.},
  author={Bidisha Bhattacharya and Sujoy Chatterjee and William G Devine and Lester Kobzik and Aaron B Beeler and John A Porco and Igor Kramnik},
  journal={Scientific reports},
Drug-resistant bacteria represent a significant global threat. Given the dearth of new antibiotics, host-directed therapies (HDTs) are especially desirable. As IFN-gamma (IFNγ) plays a central role in host resistance to intracellular bacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, we searched for small molecules to augment the IFNγ response in macrophages. Using an interferon-inducible nuclear protein Ipr1 as a biomarker of macrophage activation, we performed a high-throughput screen and… CONTINUE READING