Fine structure of scorpion spermatozoa (Buthus occitanus; buthidae, scorpiones).

  title={Fine structure of scorpion spermatozoa (Buthus occitanus; buthidae, scorpiones).},
  author={Gerd Alberti},
  journal={Journal of morphology},
  volume={177 2},
The mature spermatozoa of Buthus occitanus are threadlike in shape and divided into sperm head, middle piece, and end piece. The sperm head is corkscrew shaped anteriorly and in this region bears an unusual acrosomal complex consisting of a ring-shaped acrosomal vacuole associated with a subacrosomal filament and a perinuclear amorphous component. The subacrosomal filament extends posteriorly into a tube-like invagination of the elongated nucleus. The middle piece is characterized by elongated… CONTINUE READING

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