Fine-scale recombination patterns differ between chimpanzees and humans

  title={Fine-scale recombination patterns differ between chimpanzees and humans},
  author={Susan E. Ptak and David A. Hinds and Kathrin Koehler and Birgit Nickel and Nila Patil and Dennis G. Ballinger and Molly Przeworski and Kelly A. Frazer and Svante P{\"a}{\"a}bo},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
Recombination rates seem to vary extensively along the human genome. Pedigree analysis suggests that rates vary by an order of magnitude when measured at the megabase scale, and at a finer scale, sperm typing studies point to the existence of recombination hotspots. These are short regions (1–2 kb) in which recombination rates are 10–1,000 times higher than the background rate. Less is known about how recombination rates change over time. Here we determined to what degree recombination rates… CONTINUE READING


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The Red Queen model of recombination hot-spot evolution: a theoretical investigation

Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences • 2017


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