Fine-scale mapping of the 4q24 locus identifies two independent loci associated with breast cancer risk.

  title={Fine-scale mapping of the 4q24 locus identifies two independent loci associated with breast cancer risk.},
  author={Xingyi Guo and Jirong Long and Chenjie Zeng and Kyriaki Michailidou and Maya Ghoussaini and Manjeet K. Bolla and Qin Wang and Roger L Milne and Xiao-Ou Shu and Qiuyin Cai and Jonathan Beesley and Siddhartha P. Kar and Irene L Andrulis and Hoda Anton-Culver and Volker Arndt and Matthias W. Beckmann and Alicia Beeghly-Fadiel and Javier Ben{\'i}tez and William J. Blot and Natalia Valerijevna Bogdanova and Stig Egil Bojesen and Hiltrud Brauch and Hermann Brenner and Louise A Brinton and Annegien Broeks and Thomas Br{\"u}ning and Barbara Burwinkel and Hui Cai and Sander Canisius and Jenny Chang-Claude and Ji-Yeob Choi and Fergus J. Couch and Angela Cox and Simon S. Cross and Kamila Czene and Hatef Darabi and Peter Devilee and Arnaud Droit and Thilo D{\"o}rk and Peter A. Fasching and Olivia Fletcher and Henrik Flyger and Florentia Fostira and Val{\'e}rie Gaborieau and Montserrat Garc{\'i}a-Closas and Graham G. Giles and Mervi Grip and Pascal Gu{\'e}nel and Christopher A. Haiman and Ute Hamann and M. Hartman and Antoinette Hollestelle and John L. Hopper and C Hsiung and Hidemi Ito and Anna Jakubowska and Nichola Johnson and Maria Kabisch and Daehee Kang and Sofia Khan and J. A. G. Knight and Veli-Matti Kosma and Diether Lambrechts and Lo{\"i}c Le Marchand and Jingmei Li and A. Arto Lindblom and Artitaya Lophatananon and Jan Lubiński and Arto J Mannermaa and Siranoush Manoukian and Sara Margolin and Frederik Marm{\'e} and Keitaro Matsuo and Catriona A. McLean and Alfons Meindl and Kenneth Ross Muir and Susan L. Neuhausen and Heli Nevanlinna and Silje H Nord and Janet E. Olson and Nick Orr and Paolo Peterlongo and Thomas C. Putti and Anja Rudolph and Suleeporn Sangrajrang and Elinor J. Sawyer and Marjanka K. Schmidt and Rita Katharina Schmutzler and Chen-yang Shen and Jiajun Shi and Martha J Shrubsole and Melissa C. Southey and Anthony J Swerdlow and Soo Hwang Teo and Bernard Thienpont and Amanda Ewart Toland and Robert A. E. M. Tollenaar and Ian P M Tomlinson and Th{\'e}r{\`e}se Truong and Chiu-chen Tseng and Ans M. W. van den Ouweland and Wanqing Wen and Robert Winqvist and Anna H Wu and Cheng-Har Yip and Mar{\'i}a Pilar Zamora and Ying Zheng and Per F L Hall and Paul D P Pharoah and Jacques Simard and Georgia Chenevix-Trench and Alison M. Dunning and Douglas F. Easton and Wei Zheng},
  journal={Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention : a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, cosponsored by the American Society of Preventive Oncology},
  volume={24 11},
BACKGROUND A recent association study identified a common variant (rs9790517) at 4q24 to be associated with breast cancer risk. Independent association signals and potential functional variants in this locus have not been explored. METHODS We conducted a fine-mapping analysis in 55,540 breast cancer cases and 51,168 controls from the Breast Cancer Association Consortium. RESULTS Conditional analyses identified two independent association signals among women of European ancestry, represented… CONTINUE READING
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