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Fine Scale Movement of the Lustrous Pomfret (Eumegistus Illustris) at Cross Seamount

  title={Fine Scale Movement of the Lustrous Pomfret (Eumegistus Illustris) at Cross Seamount},
  author={Andrew B. Gray},
Depth- and range-dependent variation in the performance of aquatic telemetry systems: understanding and predicting the susceptibility of acoustic tag–receiver pairs to close proximity detection interference
A ray-propagation based model is proposed to estimate the arrival of energy via multipaths to predict CPDI occurrence, and it is shown how deeper deployments are particularly susceptible to this condition. Expand


Bio-physical coupling in the formation of zooplankton and fish aggregations over abrupt topographies
Abstract Aggregations of zooplankton, micronekton and fish are frequently observed above seamounts, canyons and shelf breaks. The aggregations are produced by five different mechanisms, all driven byExpand
Umbrella species in marine systems: using the endangered humphead wrasse to conserve coral reefs
Acanthurus bahianus 145 116 (Chapman & Kramer 2000) Acanthurus chirurgus 185 75 (Garcia et al. 2011) Acanthurus coeruleus 145 88 (Chapman & Kramer 2000) Acanthurus coeruleus 42 1.67 (Bell & KramerExpand
Vertical habitat and behaviour of the bluntnose sixgill shark in Hawaii
Bluntnose sixgill sharks are apex predators and scavengers that are near-globally distributed in slope and shelf habitats, but many aspects of their behaviour and ecology are poorly understood. AExpand
Whole-body endothermy in a mesopelagic fish, the opah, Lampris guttatus
A whole-body form of endothermy in a fish, the opah (Lampris guttatus), that produces heat through the constant “flapping” of wing-like pectoral fins and minimizes heat loss through a series of counter-current heat exchangers within its gills. Expand
Vertical Migrations of a Deep-Sea Fish and Its Prey
This study is the first to document the fine scale three-dimensional behaviour of a deep-sea fish residing at seamounts, suggesting a seasonal switch in the diel behaviour mode (benthic vs. pelagic) of seabream, which may reflect an adaptation to differences in prey availability. Expand
A Review of the Effects of Seamounts on Biological Processes
Abst rac t . Seamounts i n t e r a c t i n g wi th oceanic cu r ren t s c r e a t e flow complex i t i e s which depend upon cu r ren t speed, s t r a t i f i c a t i o n . l a t i t u d e , andExpand
Distribution and habitat association of benthic fish on the Condor seamount (NE Atlantic, Azores) from in situ observations
Abstract Distribution of fish assemblages and habitat associations of demersal fishes on the Condor seamount were investigated by analyzing in situ video imagery acquired by the Remotely-OperatedExpand
Reconstruction of demersal fisheries history on the Condor seamount, Azores archipelago (Northeast Atlantic)
Abstract Commercial fishing data were analyzed in order to reconstruct the history of the demersal fishery on Condor seamount, a temporarily protected area in the Northeast Atlantic (Azores).Expand
Acoustic tracking: issues affecting design, analysis and interpretation of data from movement studies
Variation of detection frequency, transmitter type and the modelled relationship between distance and detection frequency were incorporated into a positioning trial which resulted in markedly improved position estimates over previous techniques. Expand