Finding Sustainability in the Desert: Conservation of the Archaeological Site of Dangeil, Sudan, and Its Associated Collections

  title={Finding Sustainability in the Desert: Conservation of the Archaeological Site of Dangeil, Sudan, and Its Associated Collections},
  author={Francesca Guiducci and Tracey Sweek and Julie Ren{\'e}e Anderson},
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ABSTRACT An extreme environment poses challenges, and forces one to implement solutions that require mixing state-of-the-art techniques with local knowledge and resources, to achieve results that are appropriate, effective, and sustainable in the long term. This is the case at Dangeil, Sudan, site of a first-century CE Kushite temple and cemeteries. Archaeological excavation and conservation were initiated in 2000 by the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM), Sudan, in… 



A comprehensive approach to conservation of ancient graffiti at El Kurru, Sudan

ABSTRACT This paper describes conservation and preservation of ancient Meroitic graffiti in a rock-cut temple at the site of El Kurru in Sudan. The temple and its graffiti provide important material

Architectural Conservation of an Amun Temple in Sudan

Excavation of a 2000 year old Amun Temple at Dangeil in Sudan. Under the directorship of Drs Salah Mohammed Ahmed of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, Khartoum and Julie R

Contemporary Theory of Conservation

Classical conservation theories (from Ruskin to Brandi) are characterized by their close adherence to Truth. These theories are currently dominant, but criticism and new alternatives are developing

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