Finding Low-rank Solutions of Sparse Linear Matrix Inequalities using Convex Optimization


This paper is concerned with the problem of finding a low-rank solution of an arbitrary sparse linear matrix inequality (LMI). To this end, we map the sparsity of the LMI problem into a graph. We develop a theory relating the rank of the minimum-rank solution of the LMI problem to the sparsity of its underlying graph. Furthermore, we propose three graph-theoretic convex programs to obtain a low-rank solution. Two of these convex optimization problems need a tree decomposition of the sparsity graph, which is an NP-hard problem in the worst case. The third one does not rely on any computationally-expensive graph analysis and is always polynomial-time solvable. The results of this work can be readily applied to three separate problems of minimumrank matrix completion, conic relaxation for polynomial optimization, and affine rank minimization. The results are finally illustrated on two applications of optimal distributed control and nonlinear optimization for electrical networks.

DOI: 10.1137/14099379X

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