Finding Form: Looking at the Field of Organizational Aesthetics

  title={Finding Form: Looking at the Field of Organizational Aesthetics},
  author={Steven S. Taylor and Hans Hansen},
  journal={Organizations \& Markets eJournal},
abstract Organizational research has long focused on the instrumental sphere with its questions of efficiency and effectiveness and in recent decades there has been interest in the moral sphere with its questions of ethics. Within the last decade there has also emerged a field that draws on the aesthetic sphere of our existence in organizations. In this review we look at the field of organizational aesthetics in terms of content and method, suggesting four broad categories of organizational… 

Empirical Challenges in Organizational Aesthetics Research: Towards a Sensual Methodology

Despite growing scholarly interest in aesthetic dimensions of organizational life, there is a lack of literature expressly engaging with the methodological mechanics of 'doing aesthetics research'.

Participatory interpretation: a way to overcome analytical challenges in organizational aesthetic research

ABSTRACT Despite the growing academic interest in the aesthetic dimensions of organizational life, there is a surprising lack of critical reflection on how to analyse data acquired through

Chapter 4 Beyond Competition: An Exploration of the Ethics and Aesthetics of Partnership

The rise of aesthetics within organizational studies has been met with enthusiasm by a growing coterie of scholars. Aesthetics, it is claimed, offers a dimension that has been missing in a discipline

Aesthetic Understanding of Work and Organizational Life: Approaches and Research Developments

The aesthetic dimension of work and organizational life attracted the attention of organization scholars during the 1980s and 1990s, and its study burgeoned at the turn of the new millennium. There

The riddle and the chair: aesthetics, art and design in organizational life

In this essay on aesthetics, art and design in organizational life, I will focus on the emergence of the aesthetic study of organization in the sociology of organization, organizational theories and

Special Issue: Organizational Design: Going Mobile: Aesthetic Design Considerations from Calder and the Constructivists

It is concluded that in organization design, designers must strike an ongoing, interactive balance between centric and acentric design orientations and practices, and aesthetic consideration is fundamentally important when it comes to crafting effective design, and designing processes should be given as much attention as design solutions.

What is Organizational Aesthetics

I am often asked, “what is organizational aesthetics?” I usually start my answer by talking about the use of arts-based methods within organizations (e.g. Taylor & Ladkin, 2009). Then, if there is

The value of beauty for organizations

Organizational Aesthetic Capability and Firm Product and Process Innovativeness

Taking into consideration the popularity of organizational aesthetics in organizational behavior literature, and adapting dynamic capabilities perspective, we suggest that organizational aesthetic

The influence of aesthetic investments on employees

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore new constructs related to organizations, art and physical environment. Further, an intention was to explain and discuss whether investments in the



Aesthetic Understanding of Organizational Life

The weak point of study of aesthetics in organizational life has been theorists' definition of the object of analysis, even before their use of methodology and techniques. This article takes a

Putting People in the Picture: Art and Aesthetics in Photography and in Understanding Organizational Life

This article considers both the common ground and the diversity between the aesthetic approach to the study of organizational life and conceptual art photography. Based on a personal account, it

Aesthetics and organizations without walls

This paper is based on ethnographic research into European art photography conducted at the end of the 1980s. Its conceptual framework is the aesthetic approach to organization studies. It shows that

Overcoming Aesthetic Muteness: Researching Organizational Members’ Aesthetic Experience

Direct questioning about the ‘felt sense’ of organizational actions or artefacts is an accepted way to explore organizational members’ aesthetic experience. However, this requires organizational

The Labour of Aesthetics and the Aesthetics of Organization

This article develops the conceptualization and analysis of aesthetic labour in two parts. The first part focuses on conceptualizing aesthetic labour. We critically revisit the emotional labour

Reconciling Aesthetics and Justice in Organization Studies

Drawing upon cultural studies and organizational sociology, I argue for the reconciliation of aesthetics and justice in organizational life and in organizational theory. Such reconciliation could

Aesthetics, Morality and Power: Design as Espoused Freedom and Implicit Control

This article is intended to contribute to debate on the arguments that are propounded both in support and in condemnation of new forms of workplace aesthetic. I draw upon experience in organizational

The Aesthetics of Organization

PART ONE: AESTHETIC THEORY The Aesthetic Approach in Organization Studies - Antonio Strati The Art Management of Aesthetic Organizing - Pierre Guillet de Monthoux PART TWO: AESTHETIC PROCESSES Ashes

The theatre of war: art, organization and the aesthetics of strategy

Recent Anglo-Saxon writings on management regard “vision” as being of strategic importance to leadership. Whilst such an approach has led to socio-psychological inquiries into “visionary leadership”

`It's Working Beautifully!' Philosophical Reflections on Aesthetics and Organization Theory

This paper is in two parts. Part I discusses three issues pertaining to the introduction and development of philosophical aesthetics for organization theory. First, aesthetic concepts are shown to be