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Finding Experts in Social Media Data using a Hybrid Approach

  title={Finding Experts in Social Media Data using a Hybrid Approach},
  author={Simon James Brady},
Several approaches to the problem of expert finding have emerged in computer science research. In this work, three of these approaches content analysis, social graph analysis and the use of Semantic Web technologies are examined. An integrated set of system requirements is then developed that uses all three approaches in one hybrid approach. To show the practicality of this hybrid approach, a usable prototype expert finding system called ExpertQuest is developed using a modern functional… 

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In this research a novel model based on social network analysis is proposed to find the experts who are the members of social networks by means of business intelligence approach and the obtained results are compared to the experts' opinions utilizing spearman's correlation function.

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This work presents two general strategies to expert searching given a document collection which are formalized using generative probabilistic models, and shows that the second strategy consistently outperforms the first.

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Tool use and tool making in wild chimpanzees.

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    Folia primatologica; international journal of primatology
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An updated, comprehensive catalog of documented animal tool use is presented that indicates whether the behaviours observed included any 'true' tool use, whether the observations were limited to captive animals, whether tool manufacture has been observed, and whether the observed tool use was limited to only one individual and, thus, 'anecdotal' (i.e., N = 1).

Stone toolmaking and the evolution of human culture and cognition

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  • Biology
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An initial attempt at a systematic method for describing the complexity and diversity of these early technologies is presented and results suggest that rates of Palaeolithic culture change may have been underestimated and that there is a direct relationship between increasing technological complexity and Diversity.

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