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FindStat - the combinatorial statistics database

  title={FindStat - the combinatorial statistics database},
  author={Chris Berg and Viviane Pons and Travis Scrimshaw and Jessica Striker and Christian Stump},
The FindStat project at www.FindStat.org provides an online platform for mathematicians, particularly for combinatorialists, to gather information about combinatorial statistics and their relations. This outline provides an overview over the project. 
Homomesies on permutations -- an analysis of maps and statistics in the FindStat database
In this paper, we perform a systematic study of permutation statistics and bijective maps on permutations in which we identify and prove 122 instances of the homomesy phenomenon. Homomesy occurs when
This work reports on the transition of the L-functions and Modular Forms Database between two database systems, and highlights some of the improvements that are made as part of this transition.
DiscreteZOO: Towards a Fingerprint Database of Discrete Objects
The DiscreteZOO project is presented, a repository and a fingerprint database for discrete mathematical objects that aims to become a general platform to make collections of mathematical objects easier to publish and access.
Euler-Catalan's Number Triangle and Its Application
On the basis of properties of Catalan's and Euler's triangles, an explicit formula is obtained that counts the total number of such combinatorial objects and a bivariate generating function.
The set of alternating sign matrices which are determined by their X-ray is a member of the Catalan family
We exhibit a bijection between Dyck paths and alternating sign matrices which are determined by their antidiagonal sums.
The rank enumeration of certain parabolic non-crossing partitions
We consider $m$-divisible non-crossing partitions of $\{1,2,\ldots,mn\}$ with the property that for some $t\leq n$ no block contains more than one of the first $t$ integers. We give a closed formula
Expected value of letters of permutations with a given number of $k$-cycles
6 Acknowledgments 21 In this paper, we study permutations π ∈ Sn with exactly m transpositions. In particular, we are interested in the expected value of π(1) when such permutations are chosen
Gamma expansions of $q$-Narayana polynomials, pattern avoidance and the $(-1)$-phenomenon
The aim of this paper is two-folded. We first prove several new interpretations of a kind of $q$-Narayana polynomials along with their corresponding $\gamma$-expansions using pattern avoiding
Probabilistic Limit Theorems for the Coefficients of a Class of Root-Unitary Polynomials
Sequences of discrete random variables are studied whose probability generating functions have roots located on the unit circle in the complex plane. Bounds on the cumulants of all orders for a class
The Newton polytope and Lorentzian property of chromatic symmetric functions
A BSTRACT . Chromatic symmetric functions are well-studied symmetric functions in algebraic combinatorics that generalize the chromatic polynomial and are related to Hessenberg varieties and diagonal


The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  • N. Sloane
  • Computer Science
    Electron. J. Comb.
  • 1994
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (or OEIS) is a database of some 130000 number sequences which serves as a dictionary, to tell the user what is known about a particular sequence and is widely used.
Fingerprint databases for theorems. Notices of the AMS
  • 2013
The MoinMoin Wiki Engine. moinmo.in
  • The MoinMoin Wiki Engine. moinmo.in
  • 2013
Sage Mathematics Software. www.sagemath
  • Sage Mathematics Software. www.sagemath
  • 2014
Tenner Fingerprint databases for theorems
  • Notices of the AMS
  • 2013
Tenner Fingerprint databases for theorems
  • Notices of the AMS
  • 2013
Billey and Bridget E . Tenner Fingerprint databases for theorems
  • Notices of the AMS