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Financial Management System in Open and Distance Learning : An Example at Universitas Terbuka by

  title={Financial Management System in Open and Distance Learning : An Example at Universitas Terbuka by},
  author={Tian Belawati},

Private Cost of Bachelor’s Degree Programmes by Major Fields in Nigeria

Generally, undertaking a university education is an expensive investment and the high and increasing private cost of bachelor’s degree programs in Nigeria which cuts across all income brackets has

Rural students' experiences at the Open University of Tanzania



An Analysis of the Cost-Effectiveness of CAI and Factors Associated with its Successful1 Implementation in Higher Education

AbstractEvidence is mounting which supports the conclusions that computer-assisted instruction can be a cost-effective alternative, as well as an effective supplement, to more traditional modes of

The economics of educational media

The Anatomy of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

The article is presented from the standpoint of an important social problem that can be elucidated by the CEA procedure, beginning with stating the problem and defining objectives and continuing through identifying alternatives, establishing measures of effectiveness, and formulating and testing a model program.

Cost Analysis in Education: A Tool for Policy and Planning

This book presents a practical approach to measuring and estimating educational costs and then using the information to make the best possible use of scarce resources. Although not a panacea for the

The Comparative Effectiveness of Videotape, Audiotape, and Telelecture in Delivering Continuing Teacher Education

Providing higher education for nontraditional students has become a point of interest for many colleges and universities (McMeen 1984). In urban areas it may be accomplished in a traditional manner

Traditional versus open university teaching methods: A cost comparison

The paper attempts to throw light on the direct (instructional) cost of OU teaching methods as against conventional “live” instruction. The variable cost per student-course is with one exception

An Analysis of the Cost‐Effectiveness of Educational Radio in Nepal

This study attempted to analyse the cost-effectiveness of the Radio Education Teacher Training Project in Nepal. Cost-effectiveness is denned as a procedure by which the cost of alternative means of

The anatomy of Universitas Terbuka’s cost structure.[draft]. Unpublished article for intern seminar. Jakarta: Universitas Terbuka

  • 1997