Final Thoughts on Women in Sport Coaching: Fighting the War

  title={Final Thoughts on Women in Sport Coaching: Fighting the War},
  author={Nicole M. Lavoi and Jennifer E. McGarry and Leslee A Fisher},
  journal={Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal},
Nicole M. LaVoi University of Minnesota Jennifer E. McGarry University of Connecticut Leslee A. Fisher University of Tennessee aaa This collection of articles about and for women in sport coaching provides more evidence of the occupational landscape and experiences of women. As with countless empirical articles before, the eight articles in this special issue of Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal (WSPAJ) further uncover and reveal that structural-level systemic bias is deeply embedded… 

Mirroring Empowerment: Exploring Structural Barriers to Volunteer Motivation Fulfillment in an All-Female Youth Sport Program

This study utilizes structuration theory to reveal how volunteer coaches in an all-female youth sport program describe barriers and agency to their organizational mission of athlete empowerment. The

Title IX at 50: A Critical Celebration

  • J. Schultz
  • Education
    Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal
  • 2022
This article is a critical celebration of Title IX. Fifty years of this landmark civil rights legislation has brought tremendous progress for girls and women in all areas of the U.S. educational

Female Volunteer Coaches in Community Sport: A Scoping Review and Research Agenda

Over the past two decades there has been an increase in female sport participation in countries around the world, however, this has not been matched with an increase in the number of females

A balancing act: women players in a new semi-Professional team sport league

ABSTRACT Research question: Women commencing semi-professional careers in traditionally male team sports face unique opportunities and challenges. This study aimed to understand player's personal,

The lived experience of sport-related concussion: A collaborative inquiry in elite sport

Abstract Sport-related concussion(s) (SRCs) pose a complex problem to researchers and practitioners alike. The psychological and emotional experience of these injuries requires individualized and

Is Sport Coaching a Social Sustainable Profession for Women? Analysing the Experiences of Women Coaches in Spain

While there are several studies showing the importance of social sustainability in different settings (e.g., Democracy and Governance: the Role of Sport Governing Bodies, urban planning,

Women Rugby Union Coaches’ Experiences of Formal Coach Education in Ireland and the United Kingdom: A Qualitative Study

Although the sport of rugby union has expanded globally in both the men’s and women’s formats recently, there remains an under-representation of women coaches across all contexts. Research has

A large and troubling iceberg: sexism and misogyny in women’s work as sport coaches

In the wake of a number of high profile cases, sport organisations in Canada, are taking abuse and harassment in sport more seriously. For the most part, recent initiatives have addressed the harms...

Recognizing and Expanding Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

aaa Women and girls have traditionally been underrepresented in research conducted in sport and physical activity settings (Cowley et al., 2021; Forsyth & Roberts, 2019). In addition, recent research

Benefits of a female coach mentorship programme on women coaches’ development: an ecological perspective

ABSTRACT The development of women coaches is complex and dependent upon influences at individual, interpersonal, organisational, and sociocultural levels, as outlined by the Ecological-Intersectional



Hiding in Plain Sight: The Embedded Nature of Sexism in Sport

In this article, from the 2015 Earle F. Zeigler Lecture Award presented in Ottawa, Canada, I hope to create greater awareness of how sexism remains uncontested in sport. I highlight the persistence

Negotiating Gender in the English Football Workplace: Composite Vignettes of Women Head Coaches’ Experiences

Historically, men have dominated the English football workplace; as a result, the number of women in coaching positions has been limited. The aim of the present study was to explore the lived

The Tipping Point: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in Intercollegiate Sports

To date, sport research on sexuality has primarily focused on White lesbian, bisexual, and gay (LBG) persons or heterosexual racial minorities; few studies have provided meaningful insight into how

Sport Policy Praxis: Examining How Canadian Sport Policy Practically Advances the Careers of Nascent Female Coaches

  • A. Krahn
  • Education, Political Science
    Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal
  • 2019
The issue of too few females coaching in high-performance Canadian sport contexts is well documented. There is extensive research and programing dedicated to addressing this issue; however, the

Critical Race Methodology: Counter-Storytelling as an Analytical Framework for Education Research

This article addresses how critical race theory can inform a critical race methodology in education. The authors challenge the intercentricity of racism with other forms of subordination and exposes

Gender, Coaching, and Occupational Turnover

The results collectively suggest that occupational constraints can limit women’s aspirations and intentions to remain in coaching, even beyond what would be expected based on their age and time in the profession.

Can gender equity be more equitable?: Promoting an alternative frame for sport management research, education, and practice.

Gender research in sport management has been dominated by liberal feminist theory, which does little to challenge or alter dominant gendered discourses and power structures within sport

The Alberta Women in Sport Leadership Project: A Social Learning Intervention for Gender Equity and Leadership Development

This best practice paper describes a Canadian intervention to address the lack of women in sport coaching and leadership roles. While the number of female athletes has increased over the last

"Dads Play Basketball, Moms Go Shopping!" Social Role Theory and the Preference for Male Coaches

INTRODUCTIONWhile the participation opportunities for girls and women have steadily increased over the past 35 years due to the adoption of Title IX, the opposite trend has occurred in athletic

Key Considerations for Advancing Women in Coaching

Women remain underrepresented in the coaching domain across various levels of sport both in Canada and internationally. Despite the use of mentorship as a key strategy to support female coaches,