Final Phase Flight Performance and Touchdown Time Assessment of TDV in RLV-TD HEX-01 Mission

  title={Final Phase Flight Performance and Touchdown Time Assessment of TDV in RLV-TD HEX-01 Mission},
  author={Sandeep Yadav and Manu Jayakumar and Aziya Nizin and K. Kesavabrahmaji and N. Shyam Mohan},
  journal={Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series C},
RLV-TD HEX-01 mission was configured as a precursor flight to actual two stages to orbit vehicle. In this mission RLV-TD was designed as a two stage vehicle for demonstrating the hypersonic flight of a winged body vehicle at Mach No. 5. One of the main objectives of this mission was to generate data for better understanding of new technologies required to design the future vehicle. In this mission, the RLV-TD vehicle was heavily instrumented to get data related to performance of different… 
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