FinO is an RNA chaperone that facilitates sense-antisense RNA interactions.

  title={FinO is an RNA chaperone that facilitates sense-antisense RNA interactions.},
  author={David C. Arthur and Alexandru F. Ghetu and Michael J. Gubbins and Ross A. Edwards and Laura S. Frost and J N Mark Glover},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={22 23},
The protein FinO represses F-plasmid conjugative transfer by facilitating interactions between the mRNA of the major F-plasmid transcriptional activator, TraJ, and an antisense RNA, FinP. FinO is known to bind stem-loop structures in both FinP and traJ RNAs; however, the mechanism by which FinO facilitates sense-antisense pairing is poorly understood. Here we show that FinO acts as an RNA chaperone to promote strand exchange and duplexing between minimal RNA targets derived from FinP. This… CONTINUE READING

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