FinFET — A Self-Aligned Double-Gate MOSFET Scalable to 20 nm

  title={FinFET — A Self-Aligned Double-Gate MOSFET Scalable to 20 nm},
  author={Digh Hisamoto and W. Lee and Jakub Kedzierski and Hideki Takeuchi and Kazuya Asano and Charles Kuo and Erik I. Anderson and Tsu-Jae King and Jeffrey Bokor and Chenming Calvin Hu},
MOSFETs with gate length down to 17 nm are reported. To suppress the short channel effect, a novel self-aligned double-gate MOSFET, FinFET, is proposed. By using boron-doped Si0 4Ge0 6 as a gate material, the desired threshold voltage was achieved for the ultrathin body device. The quasiplanar nature of this new variant of the vertical double-gate MOSFETs can be fabricated relatively easily using the conventional planar MOSFET process technologies. 
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