Filtro notch digital para la conformación del espectro en control predictivo basado en modelo

  title={Filtro notch digital para la conformaci{\'o}n del espectro en control predictivo basado en modelo},
  author={Marcos G. Judewicz and Jonatan Roberto Fischer and Natalia Echeverr{\'i}a and S. Ad{\'i}a Gonz{\'a}lez and D. O. Carrica},
  journal={2014 IEEE Biennial Congress of Argentina (ARGENCON)},
This paper presents the evaluation of different types of digital filter in Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control (FCS-MPC), in order to control the injected current spectrum of a power converter, and fix it to a narrow band around an arbitrary switching frequency. In FCS-MPC, a cost function in which there are included system variables to be controlled, is minimized. With the use of a current error filter, the current spectrum can also be controlled. Simulations are presented to show the… CONTINUE READING