Filtrations at the threshold of standardness

  title={Filtrations at the threshold of standardness},
  author={Gael Ceillier and Christophe Leuridan},
  journal={Probability Theory and Related Fields},
A. Vershik discovered that filtrations indexed by the non-positive integers may have a paradoxical asymptotic behaviour near the time $$-\infty $$, called non-standardness. For example, two dyadic filtrations with trivial tail $$\sigma $$-field are not necessarily isomorphic. Yet, from any essentially separable filtration indexed by the non-positive integers, one can extract a subsequence which is a standard filtration. In this paper, we focus on the non-standard filtrations which become… 
Complementability and Maximality in Different Contexts: Ergodic Theory, Brownian and Poly-Adic Filtrations
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Standardness and nonstandardness of next-jump time filtrations
The value of the next-jump time process at each time is the date of its the next jump. We characterize the standardness of the filtration generated by this process in terms of the asymptotic behavior


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AbstractIn this paper we look atr equivalence, which is an equivalence relation that is implicit in Vershik's classification ofr-adic decreasing sequences of σ-algebras, and also in work of Stepin.
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We prove that the equivalence between Vershik's standardness criterion and the I-cosiness criterion for a filtration in discrete, negative time holds separately for each random variable. This gives a
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Building on work done by A. Vershik some thirty years ago, the insight into different types of filtrations has recently seen important progress, due in particular to B. Tsirelson, and L. Dubins, J.
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Using an example of A. Vershik, a class of processes is introduced with the property that they do not admit astandard extension. This provides a simple proof that Vershik's example process does not
Theory of decreasing sequences of measurable partitions
  • Algebra i Analiz,
  • 1994