Filtration with Multiple Species of Particles

  title={Filtration with Multiple Species of Particles},
  author={Yixuan Sun and Lou Kondic and Linda J. Cummings},
  journal={Transport in Porous Media},
  pages={1 - 27}
Membrane filtration of feed containing multiple species of particles is a common process in the industrial setting. In this work, we propose a model for filtration of a suspension containing multiple particle species (concrete examples of our model are shown in two and three species), each with different affinities for the material of the porous filter membrane. Using the pore shape within the membrane as a design objective, we formulate a number of optimization problems pertaining to effective… 


Flow and fouling in membrane filters: effects of membrane morphology
This work formulate mathematical models that can account for the membrane internal morphology (internal structure, pore size and shape, etc); describe fouling of membranes with specific morphology; and make some predictions as to what type of membrane morphology might offer optimum filtration performance.
Removal mechanisms in deep bed filtration
Surface water filtration using granular media and membranes: A review.