Filtered Talbot lens: Producing λ/2n-periodic atomic patterns with standing-wave fields having period λ

  title={Filtered Talbot lens: Producing $\lambda$/2n-periodic atomic patterns with standing-wave fields having period $\lambda$},
  author={J. L. Cohen and B. Ya. Dubetsky and P. R. Berman and J. Wren University of Michigan and Universitat-Innsbruck},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We propose a scheme to create high-contrast, periodic atom density distributions having period $\lambda /2n$ using the Talbot effect, where $% \lambda $ is the wave length of the optical fields that scatter the atoms and $n$ is a positive integer. This {\em filtered Talbot lens} is comprised of two standing-wave optical fields. An atomic beam propagates perpendicular to the fields. The first field, which is far-detuned from the atomic transition frequency, acts as an array of lenses that… 

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