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Filipinos as Malay: Historicizing an Identity

  title={Filipinos as Malay: Historicizing an Identity},
  author={Rommel A. Curaming},
“Googling” the key words “Filipinos as Malay” produces thousands of at least minimally relevant results. Among other possibilities, it suggests the idea’s widespread currency. In a site called Yahoo! Answers, for instance, someone posted a question, “Filipinos, do you know that you look like Malays?”1 It elicited a lengthy thread of comments. A quick reply from someone codenamed Mercie, had this to say: “They are of Malay origins, that’s why ... And yes[,] Filipinos have always known that ...”2… 


National identity in the Philippines can be associated with religious identity due to the strong religious influence in this country. In fact, some places, events, names and celebrations are

Notes on Tan Malaka’s Pan-Malayan Views in his Letter to Manuel Quezon

Noted biographers of the Indonesian nationalist Tan Malaka (1897-1949) such as Helen Jarvis and Harry Poeze have described his sojourn in China from 1928 to 1932 as a lacuna since there is a dearth

Perspectives on Malay Language Use and Autonym Preference Among Urban Malays in South Thailand

This article offers theoretical and ethnographic perspectives on language ideology and autonym preference among bi-lingual urban Malays in Pattani’s provincial capital. The first of its two

Serving Resistance on the Menu: The Cultural Politics of Filipino Cuisine in Winnipeg and Ottawa

This thesis explores the cultural politics of Filipino cuisine in Canada. Filipinos are the fourth largest visible minority group in Canada yet their cuisine remains underrepresented in the Canadian

Rizal and the rethinking of the analytics of Malayness

ABSTRACT This paper revisits Jose Rizal’s thoughts relevant to the Malays to extract insights and implications that may be useful in rethinking the parameters of the ongoing debates on Malayness. I



Understanding Melayu (Malay) as a Source of Diverse Modern Identities

  • A. Reid
  • Sociology
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 2001
This article attempts to bring together recent literature about the typology of nationalism, with the ways in which ‘Malay’ or ‘Melayu’ have been used as the core of an ethnie or a nationalist


Abstract Twenty-nine newly recovering alcoholic outpatients drawn from a Minnesota-Model type treatment program in the United Kingdom completed the NPI narcissism scale and the “Steps Questionnaire.”

Archaeology and Culture in Southeast Asia: Unraveling the Nusantao

This is the long-awaited synthesis of almost four decades of articulation on the Nusantao by the most senior practitioner of archaeology in Southeast Asia. The Nusantao is a formulation that attempts

The history of the Philippines

Series Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction Timeline of Historical Events 1 Southeast Asian Prehistory and the Philippines 2 Spanish Colonization (1565 1896) 3 The Philippine Revolution (1896 1902)