Filament-Assisted Impulsive Raman Spectroscopy of Ozone and Nitrogen Oxides.


The filament-assisted impulsive Raman spectra of ozone, nitric oxide, and nitrogen dioxide are presented. The Raman response as a function of ozone concentration scales as N(2), where N is the number of oscillators in the interaction region. The system described has a detection limit of ∼300 ppm for gas-phase ozone. Ozone produced via the strong field… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.5b06319


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@article{Dlugosz2015FilamentAssistedIR, title={Filament-Assisted Impulsive Raman Spectroscopy of Ozone and Nitrogen Oxides.}, author={Erin T McCole Dlugosz and Reginald Fisher and Aleksey Filin and Dmitri A. Romanov and Johanan H. Odhner and Robert J Levis}, journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A}, year={2015}, volume={119 35}, pages={9272-80} }