Figured Worlds and American Dreams: An Exploration of Agency and Identity Among Latinx Undocumented Students

  title={Figured Worlds and American Dreams: An Exploration of Agency and Identity Among Latinx Undocumented Students},
  author={Aurora Chang and Mark Anthony Torrez and Kelly N. Ferguson and Anita Sagar},
  journal={The Urban Review},
Undocumented students find themselves on continuously shifting ground, calibrating each decision they make in accordance with or as a strategic reaction to the existing political climate. Specifically, some undocumented students find themselves in an ongoing internal battle to fashion an identity that both counters the pervasive stereotypes of undocumented people through a process of hyperdocumentation (Chang in Harv Educ Rev 81(3):508–520, 2011), while simultaneously bearing the weight of… 
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