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Fighting the Naval Hegemon: Evolution in French, Soviet, and Chinese Naval Thought

  title={Fighting the Naval Hegemon: Evolution in French, Soviet, and Chinese Naval Thought},
  author={Martin N. Murphy and Toshi Yoshihara},
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Conclusion: International Order at Sea in the Twenty-First Century

The editors highlight and discuss six broad and interlinked issues emerging in the book that will influence the future international order at sea. First is the balance between the maritime and the

Inside the Sea Dragon: The Generations within the Current Peoples Liberation Army Navy Officer Corps

Abstract : Karl Mannheim's definition of social generations is used to analyze the current Peoples Liberation Army Navy's (PLAN) Officer Corps. Using a combination of existing quantitative and



Stalin's Conception of Maritime Power: Revelations from the Russian Archives

Through unprecedented access to archival documents, the author places Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin's decisions regarding the navy in the context of a national economy in ruins, bureaucratic

Stalin's Big Fleet Program

Abstract : Although Dr. Milan Hauner's study 'Stalin's Big Fleet program' has focused primarily on the formation of Big Fleets during the Tsarist and Soviet periods of Russia's naval history, there

Concept of Flotilla Defence

  • 1999

Lessons for Understanding Chinese Naval Development , ”

  • China Naval Modernization : Implications for U . S . Navy Capabilities

All at Sea : China ’ s Navy Develops Fast Attack Craft

  • China ’ s Future Nuclear Submarine Force , ed� Andrew S� Erickson et al�
  • 2007

Evolution of China ’ s Naval Strategy and Capabilities

    On the Operational Thought of the People ’ s Navy

    • ) [ hereafter Chinese Navy Encyclopedia ] , p� 731

    信息化条件下坚持和 发展人民战争思想的对策和思路 ” [ Insist On and Develop the Countermeasures and Thinking of People ’ s War Thought under Informatized Conditions ]

    • 未来海上战争中的海军战略准备与实施 ” [ Naval Strategy Preparation and Implementation in Future Wars at Sea ] , 南京政治学院 学报 [ Journal of PLA Nanjing Institute of Politics ]
    • 2002