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Fighting against the Myths among HIV Positive Person

  title={Fighting against the Myths among HIV Positive Person},
  author={M. Mujahid and F. Ghani},
  journal={Research and reviews: journal of medical and health sciences},
  • M. Mujahid, F. Ghani
  • Published 22 August 2016
  • Medicine
  • Research and reviews: journal of medical and health sciences
ABSTRACT This review paper aims to determine fighting with myths of AIDS disease towards its transmission and affected persons. A number of research organizations have investigated that several demographics, such as women, men, spouses, parents to children that every individual who suffered with world’s deadliest disease in the early years of AIDS pandemic and many policy makers and scientists often seemed to exist in two different worlds. The overall aims of this systematic review are to… 


Social Cultural Stressors in Dominican Republic HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment
Despite the wide access to anti-retroviral medications to combat HIV/AIDS, the Dominican Republic (DR) has the second highest numbers in HIV prevalence in the Caribbean and Latin American region.
Sexual Behavior and HIV Testing Practices among Men who have Sex with Men in Portugal
In Portugal there are an estimated 41,035 HIV-infected individuals [1], and one of the highest prevalence rates in Western Europe [2]. In addition, 81.7% of the people diagnosed with HIV were men,
AIDS in Black America: A Study of the City of Chicago
The effects of educational achievement of blacks in relation to the decline in HIV related deaths over a decade in Chicago is considered, and the number of cases increased over the decade and at a statistically significant level.
HIV Prevention, Infertility and Concordance in Partner Selection amongCouples Living with HIV and AIDS in Rural and Peri-Urban Contexts inBotswana
Recommendations are made for understanding of the often overlooked cultural significance of infertility in areas with high HIV infection in order to better inform policies in the formulation of evidence based prevention strategies in Botswana with respect to people living with HIV and AIDS.
The Art of HIV Elimination: Past and Present Science.
All available HIV prevention methods are summarized and a logical approach to HIV control is offered, although what and how the available options should be combined is contextual.
Sexual Behavior and HIV Testing Practices among Men who have Sex withMen in Portugal
Testing campaigns should aim to help MSM become more aware of their risk behavior, decrease fear of testing by explaining available treatment resources and decreasing the stigma associated with HIV, and by publicizing information about free and confidential testing locations.
Men-centered approaches for primary and secondary prevention of HIV/AIDS: a scoping review of effective interventions.
Interventions designed for men only, showed significantly greater effectiveness compared to interventions targeting both men and women.
Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission.
Mother-to-child HIV transmission can be greatly reduced by expanding high quality antenatal and obstetric care voluntary HIV counselling and testing access to antiretroviral therapy and the use of breast milk substitutes or exclusive breastfeeding.
HIV Prevalence and HIV-Related Sexual Practices among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Portuguese Bathhouses
Results from this study show that HIV prevalence and HIV-related practices is high among MSM who use bathhouses to engage in sexual activity, and this can serve as a reference for researchers interested in these behavioral patterns and for local authorities aiming to promote health education among MSM.
Women want Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis but are Advised Against it by Their HIV-positive Counterparts
There is an urgent need for PrEP public health campaigns catered to the needs and concerns of women, most importantly bolster their awareness of PrEP.