Fig. 11. Illustration of a Merging Process : (a) a Region Included in a Larger Contour

  • Published 1993


We present a Multi-Agent Computer segmentation system, named KISS. This system has been im-<lb>plemented under MAPS, a generic programming environment dedicated to multi-agent architecture<lb>design. MAPS entails a basic distinction between "object oriented" and "action oriented" agents,<lb>which allows alernating flexibly between figurative and operative focussing tasks. KISS demon-<lb>strates the applicability of a multi-agent approach to Computer Vision by offering a clear distribution<lb>of knowledge among several agents, dedicated successively to low, intermediate and high level anal-<lb>ysis steps. Segmentation is approached through a cooperative analysis, involving both region and<lb>contour-based detection. Interpretation of patterns is made under three successive steps, using re-<lb>spectively geometrical, relational and semantic labelling. Such interpretation makes it possible to<lb>guide the selection of handling procedures to improve the initial segmentation. The potential power<lb>of such an approach is exemplified by its application to muscle fiber analysis. Index Terms<lb>Computer Vision Multi-Agent System Cooperative Problem Solving Image Segmentation -<lb>Image Interpretation Kiss : a Multi-Agent Segmentation System OLIVIER BAUJARD AND CATHERINE GARBAY, MEMBER, IEEE Groupe SIC<lb>Laboratoire TIMC IMAG<lb>Bâtiment CERMO<lb>BP 53X 38041 GRENOBLE Cédex<lb>FRANCE Tél : 33 76 51 48 13<lb>Fax : 33 76 51 49 48<lb>e-mail : baujard@imag.imag.Fr

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