Fifth Triennal Conference

  • Published 2006 in Potato Research


Provisional programnw The Fifth Triennial Conference of the Association will be held, as previously announced, at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, from 5-9 September1972, inclusive. Registration etc. on Monday, 4 September. It has been possible to obtain advantageous rates for the Conference, covering accommodation, all meals and all travel, including the return journey from other countries to Norwich. These ar.'angements are in the hands of Mr. H. B. Tyson of H. G. Tyson and Co., Travel Agents, 53 Long Lane, London E. C. IA 9PA, Tel.: 01-6008677. A full Programme, with enclosed application form, will be sent to all members of the Association in June/July 1972. Non-members, who are interested in the Conference and who wish to receive the Programme and application form, should apply to the Secretary of the Association, Postbus 20, Wageningen, the Netherlands. Simultaneous translations in the three official languages are provided at the morning sessions. A Ladies' Programme is being arranged for September 5-8, inclusive. conference fee: Members s 10 Non-members s 15

DOI: 10.1007/BF02356190

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