Fifteen years after “Animal Liberation”: Has the animal rights movement achieved philosophical legitimacy?

  title={Fifteen years after “Animal Liberation”: Has the animal rights movement achieved philosophical legitimacy?},
  author={John F. Tuohey and Terence P. Ma},
  journal={Journal of Medical Humanities},
  • J. Tuohey, T. Ma
  • Published 1992
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Journal of Medical Humanities
Fifteen years ago, Peter Singer published Animal Liberation: A New Ethics for Our Treatment of Animals. In it, he proposed to end “the tyranny of humans over nonhuman animals” by “thinking through, carefully, and consistently, the question of how we ought to treat animals” (p. ix). On this anniversary of the book's publication, a critical analysis shows that the logic he presents, though popularly appealing, is philosophically flawed. Though influential in slowing and in some cases stopping… 
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If duration of personal contemplation on a subject were an accurate indicator of its irnto a discipline, then based on the time I have devoted in preparrng this response tb Morse and Carter's
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